Chancellor’s Formal Address

As the Founder and Chancellor of the International Open University, I am very pleased to see the graduating class of 2023! Congratulations to all of you for your great achievement. In this era of technological advances, it is indeed an incredible feat to complete your undergraduate and postgraduate studies completely online, from various corners of the world.

In many ways, you are much different from your predecessors who graduated from IOU in the beginning years. Although we are a nascent organization, we have experienced phenomenal changes in a short span of time. Technology took great strides in the past decade, covid changed the world like we never imagined it could and online education took to the world stage in a way that would have taken many decades to happen otherwise.

Among all of this, you, our graduating class of 2023, remained steadfast in your studies and completed with flying colors. I applaud your efforts, commend you for your success and wish and pray for your continued success ahead in life. On all fronts, as a citizen of your country, as a responsible member of your community and most importantly as an obedient servant of Allah, always remember the valuable knowledge you have gained and always implement the best of its teachings.

What further sets you apart from others is that your diversity will be a great source of your strength. Please note that in the graduating class of 2023 alone, we have graduates from 57 different countries of the world. I encourage you to keep in touch with the university and with one another, and to collaborate and cooperate in good ways, projects and ideas that can benefit your own communities, the Muslim ummah and the world at large.

And finally, please receive my heartiest congratulations once again! My congratulations and very best wishes to you and your families for your great work and achievement. This is not the end of your journey, rather this is the beginning. You have a long way ahead, so I pray that Allah grant all of you success in both worlds, a thousand ameens!